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Diaryland is da bomb I just *have* to tell you how much this all sucks. Who're these other people he's writing about? Who's the freak writing this, anyway? What's gone before. What's going on right now? Where do *you* visit on the web? What're you building right now?

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Another smart-assed remark from Mike
My internet experience is lacking
14:30:00 on 2007-07-11

When we first got our broadband, we had Speakeasy DSL. I could run servers. I had speed and reliability. Alas, we moved so I had to leave it behind, and now that they're a subsidiary of Best Buy I certainly wouldn't go back, but in the season it was magic.

Once we moved to our house, we got Roadrunner. It was okay for a consumer-class service, and didn't hit the wallet as hard as Speakeasy. The upload wasn't so hot, and it faded in and out sometimes, but overall it was serviceable.

Now, Comcast has taken over. This morning I had two dropouts, and about a third of the tech-savvy coworkers on my team are having problems, too.

They better get this right. My hand is hovering over the phone to call for DSL again.


Ancient history:
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2007-07-11My internet experience is lacking

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