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Diaryland is da bomb I just *have* to tell you how much this all sucks. Who're these other people he's writing about? Who's the freak writing this, anyway? What's gone before. What's going on right now? Where do *you* visit on the web? What're you building right now?

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Another smart-assed remark from Mike
I covet fuck you money
18:15:00 on 2007-08-07

FatWallet's finance forum is interesting. It's eye opening. Often I feel like I learn quite a bit about finances. Often I feel like I'm hearing a lot of bullshit. Nonetheless, it tells me things about what I should pay off first. It told me about the credit card I just applied for that pays me back via paying down the principal on the mortgage. It's a handy place to watch, figure out who the stooges and the smart guys are, and listen.

Today I spent a little bit of time perusing a thread on how people became millionaires. What I like about the idea of being rich is that once you have enough money you have freedom. You can do whatever you want. You can work, you can have a pet project, you can go back to school, you sit on your ass and eat corn chips while you watch the DVR. It's your life from that point. You can do whatever you want as long as you live within your means. You have fuck you money.

As I read it, I think about my birthday coming up. I'm going to be 37... already. My wife and I have a very small amount of financial worth (a minuscule bit of home equity, a smattering of retirement funds, a small vested pension and a little bit saved up here and there). I wonder what chances we have of ever becoming independently wealthy?

I yearn for that freedom, but I know I won't find it while I sit on my ass watching the DVR.


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