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Diaryland is da bomb I just *have* to tell you how much this all sucks. Who're these other people he's writing about? Who's the freak writing this, anyway? What's gone before. What's going on right now? Where do *you* visit on the web? What're you building right now?

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Another smart-assed remark from Mike
Ancient history:

2021-11-27Eight years on
2013-03-01"You'll be stone dead in a moment!"
2007-08-07I covet fuck you money
2007-07-16My own long, dark tea-time of the soul
2007-07-11My internet experience is lacking
2007-07-02At a local maximum
2007-06-08This rut is so deep that a Caterpillar couldn't pull us out
2007-06-07The itch is back
2007-02-08Download my unofficial Windows 2000 DST patch!
2007-01-30My back of the envelope, wild-assed guess: we got hosed
2007-01-11Just one (big) resolution
2006-12-15Go ahead, infantilize me!
2006-12-12Past my sell-by date
2006-12-06Cheese, dreams and savings
2006-11-30W. T. F?!
2006-11-20Phoning it in for fun, profit and sanity
2006-11-13Speed bumps
2006-11-07I've got a flow going
2006-10-30Everything old is new again
2006-10-24A fat man's scream into the darkness
2006-08-01Windows Product Activation, 0x80090006, and itch-scratching
2006-07-11Have worth one day
2006-06-13Okay, so now what?
2006-06-06I'm still The Loser
2006-05-26If you have to play the game, play to win
2006-01-172005 was a year of change
2006-01-11A haiku
2005-10-18I can't wrap my mind around it
2005-10-12That's a wedding bracelet!
2005-08-29Here I am, wearing the shackles
2005-08-22New policies in Geek Land
2005-06-23Long time, no type
2005-04-25Gathering bits and pieces
2005-04-21The mystery of I-10's mile marker 666... solved!
2005-04-21Goin' to California
2005-04-12Picked on by Billy Gardell
2005-04-09Getting by in America
2005-03-24Best. Game. Evar.
2005-03-18Girlie saber
2005-03-18That extra 'M' makes all the difference
2005-03-16Shotgun Monkey
2005-03-14Mozilla: my trusty sword, splintered asunder
2005-03-09Religious issues
2005-03-08An eighty-percent solution on RSS isn't a solution
2005-03-08And so ends the hot dog obsession
2005-03-07You twist and turn in the slow motion freefall
2005-02-24Our heroes!
2005-02-23I can't believe it
2005-02-16Tentative notes on bliki design
2005-02-16Sick l'il monkey
2005-02-09Thoughts on expired domain suckage
2005-02-09Expired domain suckage
2005-01-31I have failed, but I haven't given up
2005-01-31Crap: two kinds, both smell
2005-01-26Dietary musings
2005-01-25I'm a guy. I like boobies.
2005-01-24Ah ha! I knew it was true!
2005-01-20Hack mode
2005-01-20Hail to the thief
2005-01-19rel="nofollow" considered harmful(?)
2005-01-18A restroom epiphany
2005-01-13Back when Lollapalooza could sell tickets
2005-01-12"Emergency surgery." Uh huh. Sure.
2005-01-10Another thing I don't like about Altiris
2005-01-07Almost a million
2005-01-04Obligatory New Year's Resolutions
2005-01-01Ruining my diet, in the name of luck, wealth and holiday superstition
2004-10-05Now that's Texas!
2004-09-24I am a bad pagan... but what kind am I?
2004-07-17I do not have answers
2004-07-07Where is the killer app that manages my life?
2004-06-29Where do you find open-source loving, foward-looking geek friends in Houston?
2004-06-17Quick odds and ends
2004-06-14Life hacks
2004-06-07Just an hour a day
2004-05-16A film of epic proportions
2004-05-13I just know that often, they are not mine
2004-05-02A long weekend, well deserved
2004-04-20Dark clouds over a greying head
2004-03-19How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
2003-11-19The Storage Revolt of 2003
2003-11-05Three snippets, loosely interwoven into a life lesson
2003-10-24That wasn't expected
2003-09-16I sure do miss the Internet
2003-08-11I've been "geeked"
2003-01-23Tired of the denial
2003-01-13It's all fun and games until somebody loses a lung
2002-11-11Empowering other minds doesn't always pay the bills
2002-11-05Why vote?
2002-10-21It's about freedom
2002-10-16The period of dousing
2002-10-13Ten Thirteen
2002-10-10Record *everything*
2002-10-09I started him down, but a whole lot of good it did her
2002-10-07There and back again
2002-09-03Back to school, Monkey Birthday Week, and the rest of it
2002-08-09I'm not too sinusrific to dis PHP's documentation
2002-08-04So much "me" when she just wants "us"
2002-07-23The Firmware Revolt of 2002
2002-07-14Creeping crud has a sense of time
2002-07-05Maybe I'm just a turd after all
2002-07-04Reflection on a trip down South Gessner
2002-06-07If I were Cartman's neighbor, or, me as a South Park character
2002-06-07How Mozilla made me want to build again
2002-06-03A conjecture on the natural practice of magic and children
2002-05-28What a difference a few months makes
2001-12-31Do you remember when...?
2001-05-15Post-*what* headaches?
2001-05-09A whole lot of shakin' (up) goin' on
2001-05-01I have to admit, it's getting better
2001-04-14Intermission: Back from the dead
2000-10-31Ah, times, they do a-change...
2000-06-26Intermission: On the move
2000-06-06Intermission: Breaking the silence
2000-05-03Banging my heart against some mad bugger's wall
2000-05-02Ignore the fear
2000-05-02Push your way to success?
2000-05-01So there
2000-05-01You can't be all things to all people, but I'm tired of being nothing to all people
2000-04-30I want my geek TV
2000-04-28The mental checklists never stop
2000-04-27Multimedia extraviganza
2000-04-25Looking for work is a full time job, or, When it rains, it pours?
2000-04-24Smile and act like everything's okay
2000-04-24Don't you know that you are a shooting star?
2000-04-20Speak to me
2000-04-17Do you really want to make a difference?
2000-04-12Somebody sacrifice a virgin to Shub-Internet, will ya?, or, Applying LISP to everyday life: fun with nested parentheses
2000-04-11You know I just wanna know that you're okay
2000-04-09Well, I'll be damned
2000-04-08Of punctuated evolution and mind crack
2000-04-07Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer/The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,/Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,/And by opposing end them?
2000-04-07Cast adrift
2000-04-04This would be almost perfect
2000-04-03char *crypt(const char *key, const char *salt);
2000-03-18You can't always get what you want
2000-03-16Early-morning angst, dissatisfaction and frustration
2000-03-15Can'tcha say
2000-03-14Of happiness
2000-03-10When you have nothing else to talk about, talk about the weather
2000-03-10Glutton for punishment
2000-03-09A glimpse of my future
2000-03-09Pathetic, yet prophetic
2000-03-08A letter to the big house
2000-03-06Chasing shadows and illusions
2000-02-28A UFO crash in Pearland, Republic of Texas
2000-02-27I really need to get a digital camera
2000-02-24...the more they stay the same
2000-02-22Coming out from under my rock
2000-02-18Today was a learning experience
2000-02-12My own private Idahell
2000-02-12Gameshows are signs of The Apocalypse
2000-02-11Traditions suck
2000-02-09Nosy bastard
2000-02-09This is my brain on Celexa
2000-02-07Quick update
2000-02-03Remember that job I got? I spoke too soon...
2000-02-01Everything's coming up roses
2000-01-28It's a living (maybe)
2000-01-25I like my old toys. (And they execute so much faster now!)
2000-01-25The plight of the poor in the motor society
2000-01-23Wasted weekend
2000-01-21Hey, I know you!
2000-01-19This must be the "backwards" in "backwards compatible"
2000-01-16I'll be missing you
2000-01-14Fevered musings(?)
2000-01-13Style versus substance
2000-01-13Contemplating a murder-suicide
2000-01-12Tranquility Base, the Eagle has landed
2000-01-11I need out, one way or another
2000-01-10Vampires use needles, not teeth
2000-01-09Spiteful hypocrite
2000-01-08Damned if you do, damned if you don't
2000-01-07Doctors shouldn't wear Mickey Mouse watches
2000-01-04Blasted from the past
2000-01-03"The medium is the message", a confused ramble in two acts
1999-12-31Do not open until January 1, 3000
1999-12-30It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine
1999-12-29From the "Things that piss me off" file
1999-12-28ReCkLeSs (a flashback to August 3-4, 1999)
1999-12-27Too Much Information
1999-12-24Social animal
1999-12-20I feel competent.
1999-12-19If I do get a psycho stalker, I hope she's cute, at least
1999-12-17Happy anniversary
1999-12-15Whine, whine, whine
1999-12-13Low weirdness
1999-12-09I was paranoid before it was fashionable
1999-12-08The things you think about when you just want some spray-on beauty lacquer
1999-12-07Mixed bag
1999-12-01It's official, I'm a nut
1999-11-29Crisis of confidence
1999-11-23Even the turkey will have a better time than I will
1999-11-19The last odd day (yeah, right)
1999-11-18Observations on "Tragedy"
1999-11-17You mean I have to edit configuration files by hand again? How primitive.
1999-11-16Incredible zit
1999-11-09It's a lost cause
1999-11-04Updates on our top stories
1999-11-03My kingdom for a competent ISP that doesn't require a credit card
1999-11-02We don't need no education
1999-11-02Taken for granted
1999-10-28Resonant mood frequencies
1999-10-26A sign of the impending apocalypse
1999-10-25Something is wrong with me
1999-10-25"Can't we all just get along?"
1999-10-23Eye iz white trash bah burth
1999-10-22One hour
1999-10-19Quitting, part deux
1999-10-18How I learned to stop worrying and just go back to being a quitter
1999-10-17And now, back to our regularly scheduled entries
1999-10-14Holding out for something better
1999-10-13Tying up loose ends
1999-10-13I should have read the dust jacket first
1999-10-13Bogus raving saga #1
1999-10-13Of sites and slideshows
1999-10-12Texas is not "the volunteer state"
1999-10-10Slipping away (?)
1999-10-08"Welcome to the Realm"
1999-10-08Insecurity through obscurity
1999-10-07What a strange title.