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Diaryland is da bomb I just *have* to tell you how much this all sucks. Who're these other people he's writing about? Who's the freak writing this, anyway? What's gone before. What's going on right now? Where do *you* visit on the web? What're you building right now?

Another smart-assed remark from Mike
Eight years on
01:22 on 2021-11-27

Eight years on. Still married, now we've got two houses so I'm a landlord, still in the same career, still at the same employer. We're two years into a global pandemic, no end in sight but, you know, I believe in science so I get vaccinated and live my life.

I'm not really doing any writing. I've thought a few times about building an exocortex, but it seems tiring when you're 51 and you just don't want to write code all the time since you do a lot of it at work.

Nowadays, I'm revisiting roleplaying games. I'm planning on getting a new game together. Face-to-face, even, not an online game via Zoom or some other online chat.

The world is strange.

P.S. I love the absolutely ancient memory and hard drives the graphics are based on. I mean, I legit scanned a DIMM back in the day to make the menu, as I recall... and I swear that's an old parallel ATA disk up there in the logo.

I feel old.


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